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City Boy Meets Farm Girl

April 30, 2016

City Boy Meets Farm Girl

Want to know what happens when a city boy falls in love with a horse loving farm girl? I didn’t grow up around horses, nor did I want to be around horses. Baseball was my jam. 

At first I didn’t understand how one person can love an animal that much. Especially an animal without the ability to reciprocate feelings? “Horses are not like dogs!” I thought, “they don’t have personalities.” How quickly I learned how wrong I was in thinking this.

The first time I saw Ashley (my wife) with her horses it was like one of those cheesy movie scenes where two lovers run to each other across a meadow of flowers. It was at this point that I knew a bond between a horse and its owner can be a deep, personal connection . 

The Blissful Horses was built with that bond as the foundation. Our clients choose The Blissful Horses products do so out of love. Every ingredient was meticulously thought through and sourced to achieve the utmost quality and standards of care. 

We feel you are trusting us as much as your horse trusts you to walk through that scary puddle.

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