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About The Blissful Horses

run nyker

The Blissful Horses Galloped Into Existence to Solve Problems for Horse Loving People

By the Way, that's Nyker, my mini-horse who thinks he's a Lipizanner, running like the wind

The Blissful Dog® Inc. has solved problems for dog lovers issues for almost 20 years and I (Kathy) was happy as a dog with a bone (stop me) with just that. Then, in 2015 Ashley Hoffman (now Kelzer) joined our team and brought a serious case of horse fever with her.

How we met - Ashley and her sister, Amanda, cleaned cabins during their time off from college for Steve and I at the resort we used to own. Enough back story...on to Ashley.

Ashley studied Agricultural Business at the University of Minnesota in Crookston, MN. She graduated with honors with an agricultural degree and knows way more about soil and such than I knew there was to know. Ashley and her entire family are horse loving Minnesotans. Everyone in the family has multiple horses…all in various stages of being trained. 

Ashley truly has hay in her blood, she is one dedicated horse loving woman! If she isn't working, she can be found riding one of her horses OR running frantically after an escapee. Her horses seem to love nothing more than getting out and leading her on frantic chases up and down the road before they go back into their pens. 

After Ashley graduated from college she came to work part-time for me at The Blissful Dog. She wes considering a move, but not sure. One thing led to another and before you knew it, Ashley was full-time and the backbone of our next growth phase.

In late 2016 Ashley asked if she could take a container of The Blissful Dog BOO BOO BUTTER home to try on a couple of calves with some heinous ringworm and a horse with an ugly swelling on her knee. Being the ever-so generous boss that I am, I told her she could work it off. Just kidding, of course, I gave her the product!

Within days Ashley has photos chronicling the amazing healing of both the crusty ringworm on her calves and her injured horse. The seed was planted.

Then, one day we were discussing our hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. I mourned my lost opportunity to be that cute Joe Manganiello's personal masseuse  and Ashley shared her dreams of being the owner of a horse related business. One thing led to another and I promised Ashley we would do something with horse/farm products one of these days. 

So here we are...The Blissful Horses is a REAL business. 


As you may know, The Blissful Horses is a division of The Blissful Dog® Inc. It is an exciting time to be launching our first official DIVISION. Here is a bit more of the journey that led us here.


For over twenty years I bred and showed Best in Show, Top Winning, Number One, fancy French Bulldogs. Show dogs have to look and feel great to bring home the big ribbons and French Bulldogs are known to have for rough, dry noses. Everything on the market back then was full of chemicals or just gross, I was vexed!

Then one day, back in 2001, as I rubbed shea butter on my Minnesota frozen legs, two of my French Bulldogs waddled over to see what I was doing. Almost as if guided by the Ghost of Dog Noses Future, I dabbed some shea butter on their noses. Within days their noses were soft and smooth!

The light bulb went off, I shouted “Eureka!” I felt I had channeled Archimedes, Einstein and Edison… my dogs had smooth noses! This stuff worked and FAST!

I bought more shea butter, used it on my own dogs and shared it with friends. After many requests I began selling it at dog shows and online. If I remember right, my first online shop was build with Adobe GoLive and was A, as in ONE, PayPal Button.


Soon, another light bulb flickered over my head and I realized there were other dogs with noses! Dry Noses!  Noses that needed NOSE BUTTER®! 

Pug, Boxer, Bulldog and Boston Terrier labels were next. More people requested labels with their beloved breed and before you knew it...there were over 100 dog breed labels. Crazy, I know!

PAW BUTTER, ELBOW BUTTER, BOO BOO BUTTER & RELAX Dog Aromatherapy were all added to the product line, to the relief and delight of dogs everywhere.

Fast forward through all the hard work, recipe tweaking and  business building stuff to today...

The Blissful Dog is now in hundreds of stores worldwide with more virtually every day. We look forward to making your dog’s life a bit more blissful.