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Balancing Your Horse's Chakras


Horse Chakra Alignment 

Balancing your horse's chakra system is not as out-there as it may seem. If the concept of Chakras is a bit odd to you, think of what you are doing as sending your horse loving energy, thoughts, vibes or prayers. It is all good!

Our horse's chakras and nerve systems need attention also! Our horses pick up on many daily annoyances, just like we do. From too many people coming and going on the property, to strange dogs, to a new horse in the herd or a favorite barb buddy leaving, horses feel daily stresses just as we do. 

These simple exercises draw on the ancient energy healing system known as Reiki, and while this bit is not intended as a Reiki lesson or Certification or intended to lessen the viability of the work Reiki Practitioners do, it IS something you can do with no training at all.

Download Free Horse Chakra Image Here (prints on letter-size paper)

Horse Chakra Alignment | How To Start 

Pick a time when it is relatively quiet and calm. As frantic as our daily lives are, there are usually a few minutes you can carve out just for you and your horse.

First - Put your horse on a lead and walk them for a bit, offer water and maybe a treat. Take a moment to unwind with them and connect to their pace.

Next - Find a quiet area for the two of you to relax. This spot should be one where you and your horse feel safe, comfortable and able to relax. Maybe it is their stall or a spot under a tree, for this first time, it will be best if no other horses, dogs or anyone else invade upon the just the two of you time.

Using RELAX HORSE AROMATHERAPY To Help Balance Your Horse's Chakras

Blatant Product Plug: May I suggest our Relax Roll-On. Relax was created just for this purpose, to help you and your horse, well, relax.

First, open the bottle and offer it to them.  Allow them to sniff it and observe their reaction. Some horses will move into it and others may not. If it feels positive, roll some Relax on your hands and gently pet them. Next, roll the Relax in a gentle circular motion inside their ears, if you feel they would like that. Not too much, just a couple of small circles. Then proceed with the Chakra alignment.

Next - Clear your mind of any daily stress, release any images of drunk monkeys twerking and fat squirrels dancing in Lady Gaga shoes. Be as tuned into your horse as possible. Pet them and allow both of you to relax and slow your pace. Take a few deep, oxygen enriched breaths and slooowwww down.

balance horse chakras

Imagine a door to your heart opening and a pure light beam of love to pour out. Then, imagine a door to your horse's heart opening and a golden or white light beam to glow. Now watch that light move from your heart to your horse's heart and back and forth in a beautiful circle of unconditional love.

This grounds and deepens the loving connection between you and your horse for this session.

If this feels a bit too much for you, forget the door and the golden light and just think about how much you love your horse. I promise, that is enough!

You're Doing Great! Allow your hands to hover over your horse's body, not really touching, your hands float just above your horse.  Allow all the love you feel for your them to pour through your heart into your hands and onto and into your horse. If you feel so moved, you may even say a prayer or affirmation and ask for any extra love to be sent to your horse. You may notice areas that are hotter than others or areas that seem to need more attention. Notice how that feels.

You may feel a bit silly or think you aren't "doing it right" but I promise, there is no wrong way to do this.  

Keep Going - Allow this energy flow to continue until your horse lets you know they have had enough for this session or you feel it is time to stop. They may shake, walk away or stamp their feet. Some horses would soak up the vibes for hours and others are through in minutes. You can end the session whenever it feels you need, you will know. TIP: If you actually ask yourself, "Am I through?" you are.

ALL DONE - To end the session respectfully, imagine gently closing the door from your heart to your horse's heart and from theirs to yours. Thank your horse for accepting this gift from you and for giving you the energy that they shared with you. You may want to pull up a chair and just enjoy being with them. You don't have to DO anything else. Just be. Give them your undivided attention throughout this process and you will be amazed by how much better you feel.

You did it! You balanced your horse's energy system.

TREATS FOR EVERYONE! Give your horse a treat and treat yourself - whatever is a legal treat for you.

balance horse chakras